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Cocktail Rings

Our extraordinary collection of cocktail rings features the world’s most beautiful diamonds and coloured gemstones. Each design is precisely crafted by Tiffany artisans to unleash intense vibrancy and light for unparalleled sparkle. A statement cocktail ring adds the perfect amount of glamour to your outfit, especially if it’s a special occasion or event. Discover our designs featuring a colourful centre gemstone surrounded by rows of pavé diamonds that catch the light, from a ruby or pink tourmaline to an emerald, aquamarine or sapphire. Consider our bold cocktail rings inspired by flowers and vines for an evocative look. These designs feature marquise diamonds and coloured gemstones carefully placed in the shape of leaves to evoke the beauty of flora’s movements in nature. Explore cocktail rings by legendary designers, including Jean Schlumberger’s iconic styles that draw their unique details from textiles and Paloma Picasso’s hexagon rings, which celebrate her love of exuberant colour combinations. A Tiffany cocktail ring is an extraordinary piece that will be loved from generation to generation.