The Tiffany Diamond Promise

At Tiffany, our diamonds reflect your life’s journey. Whether marking a new chapter in your story or celebrating an important milestone, you can upgrade your Tiffany & Co. diamond designs with the Tiffany Diamond Promise. The value of your original diamond will be applied to that of your new diamond.

Consult with a Diamond Expert

When you are ready, schedule a private appointment and bring your diamond to a nearby Tiffany & Co. store to begin your upgrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take advantage of the Tiffany Diamond Promise?

Clients who previously purchased select individually registered white or yellow solitaire diamond designs (with a diamond of .18 carats or larger) can upgrade the diamond within their original purchase in a similar item. The new purchase must be at least twice the value of the original purchase price. For example, a client purchased an individually registered solitaire diamond ring featuring a white diamond of .30 carats for $10,000. The client (or their family member) is eligible to return that merchandise and apply the $10,000 return credit to the purchase of similar merchandise priced at $20,000 or more. The client or family member pays the difference between the original and new merchandise, or $10,000 before tax in this case. 

How do I begin the process of upgrading my solitaire diamond design?

Schedule a private appointment with a Client Advisor at a Tiffany & Co. store nearest you to discuss upgrading your diamond. You must bring the receipt to be eligible. For more information, please speak with a Tiffany & Co. Diamond Expert or call 800 843 3269.


What merchandise is eligible for a diamond upgrade?

Only individually registered diamonds purchased at Tiffany & Co. within the following categories are eligible. Designs containing an individually registered serialized white or yellow diamond (two diamonds for earrings) of .18 carats or larger can be upgraded.


White solitaire diamond designs

Yellow solitaire diamond designs

Fancy color solitaire diamond designs 

Tiffany High Jewellery solitaire diamond designs

Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard® solitaire diamond designs


Are there any restrictions for upgrades?

Elsa Peretti® merchandise can only be upgraded to another Elsa Peretti® design. However, designs from other collections can be upgraded to an Elsa Peretti® design. 

What is the allowance or credit for the merchandise being returned for upgrade?

The upgrade allowance is equal to the price paid for the original purchase. For clients in the U.S. and Canada, taxes, shipping and ancillary costs are not included in the credit. For international clients, taxes are included if the upgrade is processed in the same country as the purchase.