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A Diamond Heritage

It was Tiffany & Co. that introduced major gemstones to the United States in 1848, a debut that earned Charles Lewis Tiffany the moniker “King of Diamonds.” Soon thereafter he unveiled the Tiffany Diamond, one of the largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds in the world. And in 1887, Tiffany again made headlines when, in one of the world’s most shocking retail coups, he purchased the French Crown Jewels. This feat established Tiffany & Co. as the home of the finest diamonds on the face of the earth, and so it remains today.

The One and Only Tiffany Diamond
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Fancy Colored Diamonds Tiffany’s fancy colored diamonds are the finest, rarest natural colored diamonds with regard to saturation, tone and intensity. These stones, in extraordinary shades of yellow, blue, pink, green and even orange, burn with pure, high-energy color and ignite passion in the heart.

Did you know? Only one out of every 10,000 diamonds is a fancy colored diamond.

Lit From Within Tiffany diamonds sparkle with unmistakable brilliance. With perfectly placed facets in exquisite designs, these stones can be seen from across a crowded room.

Statement Engagement Rings Tiffany’s statement engagement rings feature unbelievably rare diamonds of astonishing brilliance and magnitude. These scintillating stones are set with but one purpose — to present the stone’s superlative beauty.

Beyond Brilliant Tiffany diamond necklaces captivate and dazzle like a galaxy of glamour.